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Happy Chinese New Year!

Posted by talkster on February 7, 2008

Celebrate the Year of the Rat with Free Calls from Talkster

By James Wanless
COO of Talkster

2008: The Year of the Rat

A Rat year is traditionally known as a time of hard work, activity and renewal. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2008 will be a great year to begin a new job, get married, launch a product or make a fresh start.

This seems fitting as Talkster has just announced the launch of free world dialing to or from anywhere in Mainland China! Now families can stay connected for the New Year for free by using the Talkster service, which is now available in Mandarin at

With one-fifth of the world’s population residing in China, the addition of this country seemed a perfect fit for Talkster’s mission: to make telephony free—period. There is no catch here.

While other companies are offering special reduced rates as part of a limited time promotion, they won’t be offering free calls to China after the New Year’s Lantern Festival like Talkster will be. And, of course, there are talk time limits and hidden charges with those other services.

Talkster wants to make international, long distance and group phone calls free for all residents of China, as well as their friends and family in other countries around the world, year-round, with no restrictions on how long you can talk.

If you can’t make your New Year’s reunion dinner this Thursday, why not try free conference calling from Talkster to connect the entire family for the cost of a local call?

Don’t want to miss Shou Sui? Talk with your family members for free the night after your New Year celebration to reminisce about the events of the passing year and welcome the year that has arrived, without having to worry about expensive long distance calling or your calling card minutes running out.

Make sure your 吉祥話 (Jíxiánghùa) are heard loud, clear and inexpensively! Use Talkster to visit with family and friends spread across the globe for years to come.

May your New Year be prosperous and full of luck,

James Wanless

yearoftheratz.gifIn China, the Rat is considered a courageous and enterprising animal example. People born in a Rat year are said to be realistic, perceptive, charming, ambitious, logical and creative. To learn more about the Chinese animal zodiac and find out what animal your birth year corresponds to, visit


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