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A Vonage buy-out of Talkster?

Posted by talkster on February 8, 2007

By James Wanless
President and COO of Talkster

I’m not one to gossip, but there is a rumour floating around the Internet that VoIP luminary Vonage may be looking to acquire a company that can add “new, rich” features for their customers, and one such company is Talkster. Is the rumour true? I cannot comment on any discussions Talkster may or may not be having with Vonage, even if we were having them. ;-)

The possibility that Talkster (along with our friends at Iotum) could be a Vonage acquisition target was raised in an article from – “Clock Ticks for Internet Telephony Provider Vonage,” (that also ran in and posted on blogs).  In the days that followed this initial post, there has been a growing buzz in the blogosphere about Vonage seeking to buy Talkster as a fast way to better serve its’ customer base by offering new, innovative, add-on services. The buzzing probably started first with article from Voxilla – “Is Vonage On The Prowl” which was followed by this blog post in VC Ratings.

Needless to say, I have spoken to a number of people about this rumour. While the idea has some merit, we have an easier way for Vonage to offer “new, rich” Talkster-like services to their customers. Vonage could quickly integrate our technology and service components into their network and take mobility for Vonage subscribers to a level far beyond the simple access numbers – something similar to a calling card access number – they have today.

The Talkster service is built on a network that can be used by any 3rd party service provider to create new and innovative services that easily integrate into their existing network infrastructure.

Not to introduce yet another acronym, but we at Talkster think of it as NAAS or "Network as a Service". The underlying instant messaging, voice over instant messaging and SIP infrastructure that supports the Talkster service is wrapped up in Web Services and can be controlled from any 3rd party interface that can communicate via the Internet. The idea of web services is not new. It’s a real enabler which is shared by a number of companies including Amazon which has an entire Web Services program championed by Jeff Barr and an elastic computing initiative which allows their network of computer hardware to be provisioned and controlled through web services. Iotum also believes strongly in the idea that web services are an enabler for creating cross platform, network and service opportunities.

Talkster will be many things, including a provider of Network as a Service (NAAS), for all manner of service providers in the market who can benefit from the many pieces of the Voice 2.0 communications puzzle that we have to offer – – all without the need for them to know anything about communications networks. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact me directly.

And as for Vonage, we’re ready to help. We’re also ready to help Packet8, ConnectMe Mobile and any other VoIP provider looking to enhance their mobility services and make them globally available. I’ll discuss rumours that we’re helping these companies in future blog posts.

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2 Responses to “A Vonage buy-out of Talkster?”

  1. Inez Wells said

    This blog is really superb!!! Thank you for you work! Good Luck

  2. […] means we might see the market share of mobile VOIP services might increase such as Talkster which I interviewed CEO James Walker back in December 2006, who according to his blog might be acquired by […]

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