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SPIF Recap

Posted by talkster on February 3, 2007

Ahhhhh Vancouver. When you arrive from the extreme cold warnings of Toronto, the balmy 8c air (that’s 46f for our friends south of the (Canadian) border) can’t help but make you feel good. We arrived ready for the Service Provider Investment Forum (SPIF) event and our fifteen minutes of fame. The event, organized by WINBC and the Kerton Group, proved to be a very worthwhile event to attend with some very interesting companies taking part.

For Talkster, the main event at this two day forum was the presentation session, held on Friday behind closed doors in front of some 25 SPIF members. Each company was allowed a ten minute presentation plus 5 minutes for question and answer. A further five minutes behind closed doors was allotted where the panel would discuss each company as a group, provide feedback, and share their impressions. We are expecting some feedback this week. With a crowd of diverse Telco focused investors you can never expect to hit the nail on the head for all of them, but we do hope that our brief presentation will peak the interest of some, opening the door to more in depth follow-up. That’s the task this week.

Thursday afternoon and evening was for networking. The WINBC group had their regular meeting which included a panel discussion of SPIF members. The discussion was lively and the topics covered were audience driven. A very interesting format I thought, giving the audience members a way to drive a lively discussion around topics of most interest to the crowd and getting the opinions of panel members (who could not benefit from a rehearsal or notes). The panel was followed by a keynote speaker, Jason Cohenour, president and CEO of Sierra Wireless. His speech was a real insight into Sierra Wireless but also for those of us now facing some of the same challenges that Sierra and Jason have faced along the way; a real lesson in some of the basics. "Knowing who’s the boss" (your customers and distribution channels) featured strongly as did "keeping your eye on the ball and not losing sight of your core business". Basic business requirements you may think, but when applied to the timeline of a company in the wireless space where these rules do not always flow, it gained another level of clarity. Thanks for the reminder, Jason!

We also got to meet some interesting companies like Redwood Technologies and Bight Games who were fellow presenters who also traveled to BC for SPIF, as well as also local area companies attending the event. What came up time and time again was the affirmation that Talkster’s network creates an excellent opportunity for 3rd parties that want to add elements of telephony and other person to person communications to their network. Talkster’s network, built on open standards and accessible through web services makes it easy for these companies to use our network for their application communications without having to know anything about signalling, call control and routing. Connections to PSTN, SIP and Voice Instant Messaging networks becomes possible for web programmers and application developers. We will be expanding these opportunities during 2007 and look forward to making some announcements centred around this part of our business.

Another special activity that happened because of our attendance at SPIF was the opportunity to get to know Bill Tam, Colin Quon and Jeff LaPorte, the founders of Eqo Communications. They invited us down for a tour their offices (nicknamed “Eqo Chamber” by my colleague) then to a pub nearby to talk about the industry. These are some of the nicest guys I’ve met who work in Telecom.

Thanks to WINBC and the Kerton Group for putting together a high calibre event. We look forward to more of the same.


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