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Talkster Network Bridges Mobile and VoIP Services

Posted by talkster on December 11, 2006

Talkster unveils network that consolidates the communications services people use everyday on a device they already have and take everywhere they go – the mobile phone

TORONTO, ONT – December 11, 2006 – Business mobility company Talkster Inc. today unveiled a groundbreaking voice over Internet (VoIP) network that allows users to place calls from ordinary mobile phones to traditional and next generation voice services. As an important component of the company’s forthcoming enterprise communications service, the Talkster network connects mobile phones to VoIP networks and devices without phone numbers, such as IP-PBX office phones provisioned inside a corporate IP network.

To demonstrate this network capability, Talkster is offering an individual user beta service that substantially cuts the cost of international long distance and roaming, and is also the first service to enable mobile phones to call instant messenger with voice services such as MSN and Google Talk. The Talkster beta service can be used by the widest number of mobile phones without requiring software, special networks or convoluted calling methods. During this beta, calls to instant messaging services are free. People can sign up at and start using the beta service today.

The Talkster beta service and the company’s international network of access points adapts to calling, long distance and roaming plans worldwide, making it possible to lower costs on any calling plan with simple direct outbound or callback calling options. Such features will be of particular value to the nearly 400 million Europeans with mobile phones in the 25 EU countries. Today these European callers can realize cost savings immediately, and stand to realize even greater savings after the enforcement of new European Union roaming regulations expected in 2007.

“Today Talkster launched its network, but soon businesses will have a comprehensive solution from Talkster to give them unprecedented control over the mobile communications services and devices their employees use,” said James Wanless, president and chief operating officer of Talkster. “The first step in rolling out this solution is unveiling this network and the capabilities and intelligence we built into it. Beyond mobile VoIP and Voice over Instant Messaging, Talkster is also demonstrating the future potential of contact presence as well as the ability to use our VoIP network for long distance and roaming cost savings that works in a truly global fashion.”

Talkster architected its VoIP and presence network with patent-pending intelligence to reduce the cost of mobility while increasing workforce productivity. The Talkster network utilizes web services to integrate and manage calling services, and to provide contact presence features – used by instant messaging services to indicate a person’s online status – to drive a dynamic contact list, features that will be enhanced in the enterprise version. When released next spring, Talkster’s fully-featured voice and text communications solution for enterprises will consolidate the many different work and personal communications services and phone numbers already being used by employees into a centrally managed, policy-based service used from a basic mobile phone.

“Talkster’s VoIP services are a good example of Voice 2.0 – the marriage of web services and telecom,” says Rebecca Swensen, research analyst for VoIP Services at IDC. “Talkster’s beta service differentiates itself from other mobile VoIP companies by using web services to increase functionality, usability in more countries, and extending service capability to a large number of mobile devices.”

The Talkster beta service is open to users worldwide at Enterprises interested in Talkster’s forthcoming enterprise service can send an email to “enterprise (at) talkster (dot) com.” Resellers and system integrators interested in adding Talkster’s enterprise mobility service to their portfolio of top-selling solutions can send a request for more information to “partners (at) talkster (dot) com.”

About Talkster
Talkster, the first service to let people place free calls from their cell phones to instant messaging services like MSN, Google Talk and Gizmo Project, consolidates the many voice-based communications services people use every day into an easy-to-use service that works from a single familiar device: the mobile phone. The Talkster beta service showcases Talkster’s Web services-based technology, the foundation for Talkster’s enterprise service offering, coming in 2007. For more information or to sign-up for the beta please visit

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2 Responses to “Talkster Network Bridges Mobile and VoIP Services”

  1. […] Canadian business mobility company Talkster recently announced their new VoIP service which allows consumers to place calls from mobile phones to traditional and next generation voice services. The Talkster network currently allows people to place free calls from their mobile phones to instant messaging services such as MSN, Google Talk and Gizmo Project. […]

  2. Vlad said

    MSN, Google talk and Gizmo are not popular. Make it to Skype. Anyway you pay local rate to call, then you can just call mobile of your friend, and we in Norway have gateway, which allows to call abroad only paying cost to local gateway. Useles service!

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