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Talkster enables free Mobile to IM calling

Posted by talkster on October 26, 2006

This story was originally posted at Startup Squad on 24 October 2006.

Talkster has a fresh outlook on providing cheap calls and reducing the complexities in contact list management. Talkster is coming into an area dominated by startups like Jajah, Rebtel, Mino, Fring, and Gtalk2VoIP, with each of them having their own unique ideas and implementation. Talkster’s own plan is to enable people to communicate using their existing devices in a much more efficient manner. Using Talkster people can call from their mobile phone to their instant messaging buddies on AOL, MSN, Google Talk, and Gizmo, for free.

Talkster also enables call from mobile phones to PSTN, VoIP, and mobile numbers for cheap rates.  I had a conference with James Wanless, COO of Toronto based Talkster, this
morning where he gave a demo of Talkster. Initial setup for Talkster is easy and all you need to do is add your contacts into your contact list located at Talkster. Talkster provides options to add instant messaging id, and PSTN/VoIP/mobile phone numbers for your friends. Once your are finished with the initial setup, you can access your Talkster account through your mobile browser like Opera Mini, and access your contacts and their IM presence status. If you view details for any of your contacts, you will get option to call them on any of the available methods including on IM, mobile, PSTN, and VoIP. Talkster takes around 5 seconds to connect the call, which is much better than what Rebtel or Mino
have to offer.

Besides the above features, Talkster also has a call-back feature using which you can take you calls on another phone instead of your mobile. As for the network usage, Talkster uses data plan while your browse your contact list and minutes plan when the call in initiated through your mobile.

Currently Talkster is in alpha phase and you can get access only on invite basis. As for the future development efforts, Talkster team is working on developing Java application to enable chat features. Talkster will also add simultaneous ring feature which sounds somewhat similar to what GrandCentral provides without the hassle of getting another number. Besides individual users, Talkster team will be looking to sell their service in corporate world which will help IT departments reduce TCO of their mobile plans and enable them to archive specific calls and IM conversations as and when needed.

Overall, Talkster is looking to provide is a contact centric approach to making calls. Once contact information is saved to your Talkster contact list, you can choose in real time which method you will use to call your friend. There is no need to use different devices to contact your friends located on different communication platforms. I think the ability of Talkster to provide a call federating service will definitely go down well with mobile consumers.


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