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Two New Start-ups To Watch

Posted by talkster on October 14, 2006

Originally posted 28 September 2006 by Gagglescape.

One of the benefits of running the site is that we get to hear about some interesting projects well before the rest of the world. Two such projects have just hit our radar screen.

Talkster is a Toronto company that is about to roll-out a new mobile to VoIP service in the Canadian market. What’s special about this service? It allows mobile phone users (that’s pretty well everyone) to access a very low cost long distance calling service. The service gets even better: Users can use the service without installing software and on almost every cellphone. Talkster also works with Google Talk, Gizmo Project, and MSN.

This is a product that is bound to capture a lot of media attention not to mention the interest of the Bell Mobilities of the world. Talkster is in Alpha testing now.

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