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Talkster: The Up and Coming Gateway to Mobile VoIP

Posted by talkster on October 14, 2006

Originally published 8 October 2006 on Telecommunications Industry News.


Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been invited to try out a cool new mobile VoIP and instant messaging service called Talkster. It is the first offering of its kind in that it is completely web based, and doesn’t require users to download or install any software.

This allows Talkster to work with virtually any cell phone or mobile device, regardless of which web browser or cellular technology it uses. It can be used to connect with any Google Talk, Gizmo Project, or MSN Messenger account, or to contact any mobile or landline phone number in the world, with international calls starting at just $0.02 per minute

Talkster’s web based interface can also be accessed on your PC, using the Mozilla Firefox web browser, enabling you to make calls over the VoIP network with a landline telephone.

The Talkster service is still in alpha testing for the time being, and isn’t yet open to the public, but public beta testing is expected to start sometime this fall, followed by a full-scale commercial launch.

Once available, Talkster promises to be a cheap, versatile, and effective service for mobile phone and instant messaging users worldwide. Keep watching TeleClick for updates on this exciting new offering in the weeks and months to come.

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