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Talkster, the “Jajah without the callback” – Podcast

Posted by talkster on October 14, 2006

Originally published 7 October 2006 by 21talks.

Click here to listen to the podcast with Talkster’s president, James Wanless.

21talks covers the ‘voice’ industry, so we though we should at least add some voices to our posts, some podcasts. The idea was in our mind for quite a long time, but now, it exists. And we’re pleased to open this presentation round with Talkster, a Toronto, Canada-based VoIP service startup that will soon go out of the stealth mode. (We tried it. Results: Over excellent quality of sounds.)

Our presentations follow some rules. We gave 4 minutes max to James Wanless, president and COO of Talkster, to come on stage and convince you, readers, to its company services. So listen carefully, you might listen to the future Steve “Magic” Jobs, and listen twice, because there might some goodies for you.

(For those who don’t have time to listen to the podcast, there are short transcripts of the talk.)

Note: For companies interested in showing off their services and products on 21talks, instructions are available here.

0:04 – Over the past couple of months, there are many companies unveiling services to use voice over IP from your PC but few of those unveiling services to use voice over IP from your mobile phone. But none of these many companies does anything to consolidate the veriest voice communications service people are using in increasing numbers.

0:42 – Talkster’s built a contact-centric service that let you use anywhere in world make free or next to free calls over the mobile phone you already have in the pocket. That means you don’t have no new device to buy, over the cell service they’re already using, (…) without installing any software anywhere, not on mobile phone or the PC, and without any significant change to the way they’re used to making calls.

1:05 – And one perhaps most interesting to you is Talkster let you make free calls from your ordinary mobile phone to your MSN Messenger, Google Talk or Gizmo Project IM buddies.

1:26 – If you’re interested in taking part in our beta, you can go our site at and put in your email address, and we’re ready for our beta launch, which will come really soon, we’ll let you know and you can come and get your own account.

2:22 – On Talkster, you’ve got what we call ‘presence’. Basically, that means that you can see when your IM buddies are online, you see a consolidated list on the screen of your phone, so all of your contacts from Gizmo, from MSN, from Google Talk in one list. And it works on any phone with a browser. Making a call is as simple as clicking on the name of the buddy in the list and Talkster connect your call to the regular cellular network through Talkster and it rings on your buddies on their PC.

3:10 – There’s no need to set up new phone numbers just to make free or cheap calls to your friends and there’s nothing they do need to do either.

3:24 – Talkster VoIP Gateway offers low cost calls anywhere in the world to any telephone and with cost little as $0.02 a minute.

3:36 – If you prefer, you don’t have to call into Talkster, we can call you back on your mobile phone or any other phone have it close to hand.

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